What if the "issues" in your life suddenly didn't seem so Big?


Ever wondered what if would be like if you Could See Everything from 20,000 feet?


To have all your worldly problems just dissolve into tiny little dots?






Your Intuition Is Your Gateway

Watch this Video to get insight into how to tap into your intuition consistently and reliably.  Think of the possibilities if you always got it "right".

  • 1

    Make Better Decisions

  • 2

    Reduce the Stress in Your Life

  • 3

    Create Your Ideal Life

"Tap In" to Your Inner Knowing

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  • Make Better Decisions

    When you not only have access to – but understand how to process and use the information you are getting, you are far better equipped to make decisions in your life, no matter how big or small.

  • Dissolve Stress

    In any stressful situation, it is always comforting to know that you always have more than one choice, and that you have a fast and effective way of identifying those choices.

  • Create Your Ideal Life

    Every choice you make sets you on a path.   Use your own infinite resources to make better choices every day, setting you on the path to an enriching and fulfilled life.





See Things Clearly







Only $147.      Expand Your Intuition Today!

Expand Your Intuition is a 5 Week Course

Each week you will be given Exercises and  "fun" activities to do,  all focused on honing your ability to "tap in" and interpret your intuitive information.    By the end of the course you should know how to answer some of those burning life questions with comfort and ease.

  • Step One: Identify Your Strengths

    Everyone is different.  We can’t compare ourselves to others and how they “do” it.   Yes, you will look at others and say “wow they are so much better than me at…”  But others will look at you and say, “wow, you’re so much better than me at…”  In this course we will be focused on identifying and enhancing your own unique assets.

  • Step Two: Tapping in

    Learn skills that will assist you in getting complete and accurate information.    Information is constantly transmitted in multiple formats to multiple senses.  Ultimately, developing your ability to perceive is one of the biggest keys, and a major focus of this course.

  • Step Three: Interpret What You "Get"

    We can receive all the messages we want, but if we don’t have a clue what they mean or what to do with them, we are lost.    A very important skill is how to translate what you receive.   As you become comfortable with your own unique language, your understanding will skyrocket.

Yes.  We have included some wonderful Bonuses for you!

These bonuses are tailored specifically for this course, in order to enhance the learning experience.     Enjoy!

  • Bonus 1: Shift Your Vibration

    We have included two meditation journeys/activations which will open up your vibrational centres and put you in a higher, more relaxed state.   From here you may access better Insights and Ideas, and feel more Protected as you play around in a big bubble of light.

  • Bonus 2: Dust-Off Your Intuition

    A video version of the Dust-Off your Intuition course with tons more exercises and experiences.   This course covers some very basic concepts of tapping in and working with your senses.   There are so many ways to play, and it’s always fun to see things from new perspectives.

  • Bonus 3: The Language of Symbols

    Symbols are a very important means of communication.  This is a series of video tutorials covering the meanings/interpretations of colours, numbers, animals and plants.  Once you start paying attention to symbols you will see them everywhere!

Lifetime Access to the Course Material As soon as you register you will be given a link to a private members area where all the course material resides.    This is a 5 module course, an if your do one module per week, you will hone your skills over a period of 5 weeks.    Once the course is complete, you may refer back to any or all of the course material as often as you would like.


Multiple Formats Available. Exercises and lessons are delivered in video format.   There are also MP3 recordings and PDF slides available for download.

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A Few Words on Pricing:

Yes, we know $147 is an incredibly good price for a 5-week course.   It's because we want you to invest in yourself.  We want you to enjoy the journey.  And, we have several more levels to teach you once you are done.  If you are willing.    If you enjoy the material, we want this to turn into a long term relationship.   But for now, we're very happy with the 5 weeks we will be spending together.

Expand Your Intuition

Life is too short to waste even one more moment spinning your wheels in the "mud"

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